The Conclusion

The start of Fall semester and the rush that comes with it has pulled me away from writing up this post, but I have some time now.

It has been two weeks since my internship with Ceph ended. It was a interesting experience. I had no confidence in myself when I applied for the internship. I honestly did not expect a reply. I was just happy that I had gathered the courage to apply.

This was my first internship and I’m glad that I took the chance to put myself out there. The internship was a great learning process. I learned that I can tackle independent projects, I shouldn’t let my worries that I’m not good enough stop me from taking a chance, and not to be afraid to reach out and ask questions. I also learned that my time management skills still need work, I have a habit of overloading myself, and that I still need to overcome my aversion to interacting with new groups of people.

The Outreachy program has allowed me to do things that I hadn’t imagined just a year ago. I’ve had an internship, I’ve gotten to speak with members of the FOSS community, and I’m preparing to attend a FOSS conference in November. I feel more confident now as I continue to explore the FOSS field and the Tech industry in general.


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