What I’ve Been Up To

Hello All!

I’ve been a busy bee in the two months since my last post.

January was ridiculous. I was only in town for about a week and half. The rest of the month was spent traveling. I looked into the graduate program at UT Austin and went to a mini-conference. As a result, I might be helping a non-profit organization build a new website! I’m waiting to hear back from the heads for the project, but if they agree then I’ll get to flex my Python muscles and build a site with Django! There’ll also be some Bootstrap and Angular work involved. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m also working on a project with my local branch of Code for America. I’m part of a group that is analyzing  county jail data to see what insights we can gain about the jail population. My current task is building a MySQL database out of the Excel spreadsheets we were given. The next group meeting will be in a couple weeks, so I’ve got some time to prepare. I’m considering writing a post on the process of transforming the data from the spreadsheets into tables. I’ll see if I have time over the weekend.

My final current project is a mobile app for a school project. I’m part of a cross-disciplinary team that includes students from the Art department for design, the Social Sciences department for data, and the Technology  department for the actual app building. I’m part of the app building team and so far we’ve mostly been going over requirements with the client. Just last week the Art team turned in their mock-ups for the app layout and architecture. We’ll probably be starting the actual build soon. We didn’t want to have to write the same app 3 times, so we’re using a cross-platform framework that allows us to do all of the coding in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

And that’s what I’ve been up to! It’s interesting times.


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